Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NBA Draft Lottery Tonight at 8 EST

Expect a scene similar to this one for tonight's draft lottery, as fourteen teams look to win the __________ sweepstakes. There's a blank because there isn't really any prize player in this draft and the race to the #1 pick is wide open for this year's prospects (although Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel are clear favourites right now). Orlando has the best chance of securing the top pick in this year's lottery at 25%, but it's important to note that since the switch from the original coin-toss to lottery system, only three teams that finished with the league's worst record picked number one in the draft: the 1990 New Jersey Nets, the 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers and coincidentally the 2004 Orlando Magic. The odds for each team in this year's lottery to select first in the 2013 NBA Draft are as follows:

Orlando Magic - 25%
Charlotte Bobcats - 19.9%
Cleveland Cavaliers - 15.6%
Phoenix Suns - 11.9%
New Orleans Pelicans - 8.8%
Sacramento Kings - 6.3%
Detroit Pistons - 4.3%
Washington Wizards - 2.8%
Minnesota Timberwolves - 1.7%
Portland Trailblazers* - 1.1%
Philadelphia 76ers - 0.8%
Toronto Raptors** - 0.7%
Dallas Mavericks - 0.6%
Utah Jazz - 0.5%

* Portland's pick goes to Charlotte if it's outside the top-12 (unlikely, since three teams below them would have to move up)
** Toronto's pick goes to Oklahoma City if it's outside the top-3 (97.5% chance that this happens)