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2013 NFL Black Monday

2013 NFL Black Monday Review

Chip Kelly could be the Eagles Head Coach next season
The worst day to be an NFL coach; the Monday after the last regular season game. This year, no coaches got let go in the middle of the season but around week eight, we sort of had a clue who was going to be let go today. Some of the firings surprised us and some of them were expected; let's take an in-depth look at one of the worst days for coaches around the league.

Who Got Fired?

Chain Gailey, Buffalo Bills (6-10; 16-32)

What's next for Buffalo: They are probably going to try to go after other head coaches that got fired. Ken Whisenhunt from Arizona and Lovie Smith who got sacked by Chicago. You also have to ask yourself as a Buffalo fan; do you keep Ryan Fitzpatrick after giving him that extension a few years back? That will most likely depend on who the next coach is.

What's next for Chan Gailey: I don't see another stint as an NFL head coach for Gailey. His last winning season came in 1998; where he went 10-6 with the Dallas Cowboys. Considered one of the great offensive minds in the NFL, he could have another shot as an coordinator in the NFL.

Love Smith, Chicago Bears (10-6; 81-63)

What's next for Chicago: This was one of the more surprising NFL head coach firings but with the team making the playoffs just once in the past six seasons and finishing the year on a terrible stretch, you can see why the Bears felt like it was time for a change. The Bears have already asked to interview Denver Broncos' offensive coordinator Mike McCoy; the genius behind the Tim Tebow offense that worked last season. I assume that Chicago, like most NFL teams, will choose someone who is the opposite of their precessor. Jaguars offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Colts interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians come to mind.

What's next for Lovie Smith: Smith will be one of the hot names for teams looking for a coach. He's an experienced head coach that has had success and did take a team to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback. I don't think Smith will be looking for a complete rebuilding overhaul so a team like Philadelphia and San Diego seem like the kind of job that Smith will want at this point in his career.

Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns (5-11; 9-23)

What's next for Cleveland:  I'm not fond of firing coaches after just two seasons, especially when it's a rebuilding. The Browns kept it tight in most games and seem to have found their quarterback for the time being in Brandon Weeden. As always, Chip Kelly's name has been brought up but I don't see Kelly leaving Eugene for Cleveland; especially if Philadelphia is there for him. Other college coaches on their radar is Penn  State head coach Bill O'Brien, just a year after taking the job, and Syracuse's Doug Marone.

What's next for Pat Shurmur: It's hard to get a read on what's next for the Michigan State graduate. He'll most likely become a coordinator or position coach.

Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals (5-11; 45-51)

What's next for Arizona: First thing first, find a quarterback -- or pick one. With reports already coming out saying that Andy Reid could very well be the next Arizona head coach, they might decide to stick with Kevin Kolb. Kolb and Reid were rather successful together in Philadelphia until an injury ultimately led to Michael Vick taking over the starting job. It's a small world.

What's next for Ken Whisenhunt: Few people doubt that Ken Whisenhunt is a 'good' coach at least but his last winning season came in 2009; the last season that he had Kurt Warner. Even with Warner, he won eight, nine and ten games respectively; albeit making it to the Super Bowl in 2008. He's been linked to the job in Buffalo and I expect him to head there, unless he demotes back to an offensive coordinator; which is highly unlikely at this point in his career.

Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers (7-9; 55-40)

What's next for San Diego:  We've been waiting and expecting his move for about a good three seasons or so. Turner simply couldn't get the job done and the Chargers finally decided to move on. Andy Reid is a California guy but I don't see it happening. My best guess is Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who did a great job stepping in for Chuck Pagano as the team's head coach. 

What's next for Norv Turner: Turner falls under the category of one of those guys that people respect for their football minds, but doubt their ability to lead and be an NFL head coach. From what Turner has been saying, it seems like he's not ready to step down and just be a coordinator and will rather be a head coach. Kansas City maybe? Maybe even the Bills? 

Romeo Crenell, Kansas City Chiefs (2-14; 4-15)

What's next for Kansas City:  The Chiefs looked so bad this season that I'm not sure just any coach is going to step in and try to rebuild this team. Veteran coaches like Reid and Smith might scoff at this huge rebuilding job so I expect the Chiefs to target and eventually land one of the 'first time' head coaches. Guys that I've already mentioned like Mike McCoy and Jay Gruden. Three names to look out for; Atlanta's Dirk Koetter, Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong.

What's next for Romeo Crenell: With just one winning season under his belt, I doubt Crenell's next big will be as the head man. My wild, wild, wild guess is that Crenell maybe rejoins Belichick's staff in New England. Retirement is possible as Crenell did say that he is planning on taking some time off to decide what's best for him and his family.

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles (4-12; 190-93)

What's next for Philadelphia:  The hot and popular name right now is Chip Kelly. Kelly is the type of innovative and progressive coach that owner Jeffrey Leurie is looking for. Names like Billy O'Brien and Mike McCoy once again flairs up, but so far, it looks like it's Kelly's job to lose -- or reject.

What's next for Andy Reid: The reports are saying that Andy Reid will reunite with Kevin Kolb in Arizona. League sources are saying that a deal is already trying to be made and that the two could come to an official agreement by the end of the week. That seems like a right fit for Andy; not too much pressure but gets a team with talent and a quarterback he has a relationship with. 


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